Willie Tee & Cypress


Jan. 2023    

Jan. 21  6:30 pm-10:30 pm 

 Eddie & Maxey's Saturday Afternoon Dance    
  Jefferson County Dance Club   
  2023 Great Legends Of Swamp Pop Show Nederland, Tx
Feb. 05, 2023  2pm- 5pm Cypress Bayou Casino             Pavillion Room  
   Cypress Band featuring Willie Tee  
    Admission is free with a Cypress Bayou Players Club Card  
Feb. 20  7pm-11pm  17th    Annual    Swamp Pop Reunion Show              Civic Center  Ville Platte, La.

Cypress Band with Willie Tee

Backing up your Swamp Pop Legends

Johnnie Allan, Tk Hulin, WillieTee, Lynn August, Donald "Tet Dur" Babin, Jivin' Gene, Ken Marvel,

Grace Broussard, Arthur Broussard, Roy Chaffin, Junior Dugas,  Sir Christopher John (Frog)

Charles Mann, Bert Miller, Don Rich,  Gary & Travis Thibodeaux, Earl Seaux

Renee Prejean , Kenny Thibs,  Ryan Vanicor,

Prince Charles Veillon

Horn Section :  Willie Tee, Earl Taylor, Mike Vice, Mike Pollard,

Nelton Rodrigue & Gene Romero


  Tickets are $25 per person              Call Sharon Fontenot @ 337-523-7206  for more info  
Mar 2023    
April 2023    
Apr, 16  1pm -4 pm  Vermilionville    300 Fisher Road  Willie Tee, Lynn August and Cypress Band  Lafayette , La.
Apr. 22    8:30 pm -11:30 pm  Toby's Downtown                 Cypress Band featuring  Willie Tee, Bert Miller & Lynn August   Opelousas, La.
 Apr. 29   8 pm  - 11pm   Private Party  Beaumont, Tx
May 2023    
May 4 6pm -8pm  Opelousas Music & Market                  Courthouse Square   118 S Court St. Opelousas, La.
                                                           Cypress Band featuring Willie Tee And Lynn August  
May 7        2 pm - 5 pm  Cypress Bayou Casino        Pavillion Center             Free admission with Player Club Card  Baldwin, La.
  Boogie On The Bayou  Cypress Band featuring Willie Tee, Karl Bordelon & Earl Seaux  
June  2023    
Jun 24        6pm -10pm Great Legends Of Swamp Pop Show                    Eddie & Maxey's Saturday Afternoon Dance  Nederland, Tx
  Cypress Band Featuring  Willie Tee, Bert Miller, T K Hulin, Charles Mann, Jiving Gene , Parker James and Earl Seaux  
                                     Advanced tickets $25 per person    call Aggie 1409-656-2548 to purchase  
July 2023    
Aug. 2023    
Sept. 2023    
Sept. 22   8:30 pm -11:30 pm  Toby's Downtown        Cypress Band Featuring Willie Tee, Bert Miller & Lynn August Opelousas, La.
Oct. 2023    
Nov. 2023    
Dec. 2023